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At Soo Sanitary, we have decades of experience in the septic system field, providing everything from inspections on existing systems to design and installation of new commercial or residential septic systems. For quick response time, precision work, competitive pricing and courteous service, call us for further information and estimates on your project.

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We can inspect your current septic system for defects and malfunctions. If you are a prospective homebuyer, a professional septic system inspection is crucial in determining the system’s condition, potentially saving you from costly repairs after purchase.

Engineering and Design

If your current septic system has failed, or if you are planning to build a new residential or commercial building in an area without access to a public sewer system, Soo Sanitary can assist you in designing a reliable, environmentally-sound septic system for your sewage disposal needs.  We will perform the necessary site tests and gather all the required information to design the optimal system for your situation.

New Installation

We install new septic systems for both commercial and residential use and are knowledgeable in local zoning laws.


Though no one likes to hear that their septic system is faulty, the necessary repairs should be completed by a professional. At Soo Sanitary, we can inspect your system, make the proper diagnosis and begin repairs quickly in order to keep your home or business functional.

Continuous Septic Service

With our monitoring agreement, Soo Sanitary’s professional maintenance engineers will perform all aspects of septic system inspection and maintenance, ultimately protecting you, your neighbors, and the environment.

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We provide service to northern Iowa, southwestern Minnesota, and southeastern South Dakota.